Case Study

Rebranding A Leading Think Tank

Greenlining Institute

The Challenge

For over 30 years, The Greenlining Institute has been working to build a future where communities of color can build wealth, live in healthy places filled with economic opportunity, and are ready to meet the challenges posed by climate change. The Greenlining team came to Fenton seeking a new brand for a new chapter. As Greenlining approached their 30-year anniversary, they sought out a new brand that would more effectively tell their story and frame the work that they do. From economic equity to environmental equity and so much more, Greenlining has been at the frontlines of countless key issues that impact communities of color in this country. By working with them to reframe the positioning of their organization, we were able to help support them in more effectively communicating their message.

Our Approach

In order to reframe Greenlining, Fenton first set out to better understand who Greenlining was and where they were headed. We conducted deep audit of all their on and offline assets, a landscape analysis of the peers and competitors, and had several interviews with key stakeholders. From there, we were able to work with the Greenlining team to simultaneously iterate on and finalize both a new messaging framework and brand. We then began the website redesign. After gathering insights from the audit of their past site, we put together a site map that would more effectively organize and communicate key information about Greenlining. From there, we began drafting copy and designing the site itself, working with the Greenlining team to make sure that the new site was built to promote the evolution of the organization and to better organize the extensive information that lived on their website. Simultaneously, we evaluated Greenlining’s current email program and CRM to identify opportunities for growth. Next, we determined that they needed to migrate to a new CRM as well refresh their acquisition program by implementing a new welcome series.


The client was very pleased with the final website that we delivered and was especially excited about several unique features that we created. From organizational features on the “Who We Are” and the “The Latest” pages, to the new dynamic format for the blog and so much more, we made sure that this website was designed in a way that would uniquely address the needs of Greenlining today and for many years to come. For email, after our initial recommendations, we worked with the Greenlining team to guide them through a CRM migration to Pardot, a CRM that would ultimately better suit their needs. From there, we worked to develop an email strategy and welcome series that would prioritize effective acquisition and increase user engagement for years to come. From the messaging to the rebrand, to the website, to the email program we believe that we have effectively set Greenlining up to continue to do the incredible work that they do, but with a stronger infrastructure to communicate it.

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