About Us

Purpose is
Our Sole Purpose

Fenton is the first national agency founded to focus solely on social impact. It’s not a division or a department. For 40 years, our experts have combined excellence in strategic communications with creative ingenuity and a deep well of passion and energy. We believe firmly in the ideals we work towards every day – sustainability, healthy communities, innovation, racial equity and so much more – and we use our formidable skills to help make societal change a reality.

A throughline for our work is the need for effective storytelling that requires a human-centered approach to inspire engagement with issues that affect us all.

Fenton is a full-service firm; we approach each new communications challenge through a holistic lens, informed by deep subject-matter expertise and lived experience.

Our History

40 Years of Social Change

Founded more than four decades ago by activist David Fenton, the firm was created because of the scarcity of public relations resources among those fighting for social justice.

Today, we are an award-winning, multicultural midsize agency that leads the industry in diverse representation and leadership. Under new, still-independent ownership, Fenton has more than 100 issue experts across the U.S. and Canada offering the full spectrum of strategic communications and creative services. Together, we elevate the missions of organizations and brands that are changing the world.

1982 Fenton was founded as the first national communications firm exclusively dedicated to progressive social change.
1990s Worked to pass sanctions against South Africa and oversaw Nelson Mandela's first US press tour.
2000s Built momentum with partners to reform healthcare, resulting in victories such as The Affordable Care Act.
2010s Partnered with New Consensus and Justice Democrats to put the Green New Deal on the map.
Today Through our work with the United for Democracy coalition and others, we are combating the assault on democracy.