This Earth Day, Join the Movement

“A thermometer is neither Republican or Democrat.”

That’s my favorite line to date from Showtime’s new climate television series, Years of Living Dangerously. Guess who said it?

— climate scientist

— evangelical minister

— student activist

If you picked climate scientist, congratulations! You’re wrong. In fact, it was evangelical minister Drew Farley who uttered this brilliant summary of why humanity is staring down the barrel of a gun.

We’ve known the basic facts about human-caused climate change for decades. Each new report only increases our confidence level on the degree and timing of the looming disaster. Yet we continue to look the other way. A recent Gallup survey found that while the majority of Americans believe global warming is real, only 36 percent see it as serious threat to their way of life. Until we admit we have a problem, the solution will remain out of reach. This Earth Day, let’s take that first step.

How can we shift perception of climate change from a debatable, distant possibility to something we need to tackle now?  By making it personal. And by leveraging major cultural moments that compel average Americans to take action.

Years of Living Dangerously is one of those moments. Launched on April 13th, YEARS is a collaboration between stars like Matt Damon, Jessica Alba, Harrison Ford and leading national news journalists. The 9-episode series combines powerful storytelling, high-level production and serious journalistic credibility. All the ingredients needed to break through the noise and educate and inspire a mainstream audience.

Americans still think climate change is a them and a then problem. But YEARS shows us that it’s happening now and it’s all about us. Each correspondent delves into a different impact of climate change – from the damage wrought by Hurricane Sandy to political upheaval caused by droughts in the Middle East. The series portrays the current and intensifying effects of climate change on everyday people like you and me.

We need your active support to make this series more than just another television program. This needs to become a national wake-up call, a centerpiece for a new movement that demands change from our business leaders, community role models and elected officials.

Showtime has made the first episode available free on YouTube. You can watch it here, and you can watch the Google Hangout with YEARS stars here. Future episodes air Sundays at 10:00 pm ET on Showtime.

Years of Living Dangerously cries out to be seen in community, together, with friends and family. Take the YEARS Pledge to watch the full series, share your reflections about the shows on Facebook and Twitter after each episode, and invite friends and neighbors to view the program with you. You can also visit the take action page of the YEARS website to pressure our business and political leaders to stand up for our environment.

This isn’t just a TV show. This is the beginning of a movement.