The New Normal: 13 Driving Forces in Communications

Join Philanthropy New York and our very own Lisa Witter for an interactive discussion on 13 driving forces in communications including: a globalized Internet; the audience fragmentation; the end of traditional journalism; transparency and authenticity as values; and more. The interactive session will conclude with concrete steps on what you need to do and think about as you plan the future of your own communications and that of your nonprofit partners.  Register today for the Wednesday September 22nd event.

Five years ago there were no iPhones, no Kindles, no iPads, no Twitter, no YouTube, no Facebook, and no widespread instant messaging. Media as we know is rapidly changing before our eyes. Today more people in the world have access to smart phones than clean water. What does this mean for how we communicate our ideas, business, and stories? How does this change the way we work with mainstream media? And, most importantly, how are these changes changing us, our hiring practices, and how we think?