The Fenton Feed: Points for Voting, Logo Debacles & Mobilizing Supporters

Here are a few of this week’s “must reads” from our feeds:

Points for Voting: Facebook Places Becomes Part of an Elections Game
The location-sharing feature has become part of an elections game with Places and Facebook’s database of real identities; the social network could someday be used to accurately predict political outcomes.

The Real Lesson of the Gap Debacle: Logos Aren’t Key Anymore
We should be looking beyond superficial, static graphics and examining the social brand platform, instead.

Tips on how to mobilize your supporters
JD Lasica’s writeup on the BlogWorld Expo panel “Mobilizing your social network” with this all-star lineup: Andres Glusman of, Justin Perkins of Care2, George Weiner of DoSomething and Giselle Diaz Campagna of Free Speech TV.

Charitable Foundation Execs Testing Social Media Waters, Survey Finds
In a report, the Foundation Center finds that about one-third of foundation CEOs surveyed regularly use Facebook or read blogs, and only six percent use Twitter. “It’s clear from the survey that usage of social media is catching on in the foundation world,” said Lawrence T. McGill, the Center’s vice president for research, “but it is far from being part of the regular routine of most chief executives.”

4 Winning Strategies for Social Media Optimization
Because so many options exist for where people can view your content, the content model for the web has shifted from, “We have to drive as much traffic to our website as possible,” to the more pragmatic, “We have to ensure as many people see our content as possible.”