The Fenton Feed: The Web Isn’t Dead, Fighting Poverty & Social Good

Here are a few of this week’s “must reads” from our feeds:

‘New Twitter’ Shows the Web Isn’t Dead
Recently, Wired controversially claimed that the web is dead — users are increasingly abandoning the web browser and instead accessing their favorite web services via applications on smartphones, the logic goes.  This week, however, Twitter announced a major redesign of its website. The intent: To make a compelling web destination. Whatever happened to the death of the web at the hands of mobile applications?

5 iPhone Apps to Help Fight Poverty
With recent news that the overall US poverty rate has climbed to its highest level in decades, a timely list of five iPhone apps to help fight poverty.

10 Essential Tools for the Nonprofit New Media Manager on the Go
The advent of the mobile web will empower the nonprofit sector and how it communicates with its supporters.  The best new media managers, online community builders, bloggers, and activists will be connected and communicating with their supporters from anywhere, at any time when the need arises.

How Social Good Has Revolutionized Philanthropy
Social good is equal parts online fundraising and advocacy via social networks. While the Internet has been used before by non-profits and charities to raise money, social good implies more than just money changing hands. Social good campaigns often combine the ability of the Internet to find, introduce and bond communities around a common interest.

5 Trends Shaping the Future of Social Good
Social good experts were asked about trends that will shape the way we use social media for positive change in the future. Here’s what they had to say.

Clicking, Landing at
Numerous sites are not linked to the politicians whose names they bear but are owned by cybersquatters, who buy up domain names to extract money or cause mischief.