The Fenton Feed: Social Media ROI, TheLikeStream & Giving Teachers Love

Here are a few of this week’s “must reads” from our feeds:

Social Media ROI: The Metrics and Strategies
Ryann Miller reports on a tech session focused on the ROI: how to think of the value of social media, the things you need before starting any campaign, and how to measure, analyze and sell campaigns.

NYC Startup Launches Site To Match Skilled Volunteers And Charities
Would-be volunteers with skills to offer can use for free, logging in via Facebook Connect, and auto-importing details like availability, location, interests and skills.

Want My Attention on Facebook? Post a Picture on Friday Morning
The more crowded Facebook gets, the harder it is to get people’s attention. Some tips on how to stand out: Use a picture, not a video. And put it up on Friday morning.

HOW TO: Launch a Broadcast “TV” Channel for Your Nonprofit
Nonprofits will soon be broadcasting their own live TV programs to households around the world simply with a Ustream channel and a smartphone.

TheLikestream, Digg For Facebook “Likes”
Capitalizing on the waning appeal of Digg post-redesign and the popularity of the Facebook “Like” button, the site is a Digg clone but instead of “Diggs” it tracks Facebook “Likes.”

Teachers Get Some Much Needed Love
The folks at the aptly named Mudpies and Butterflies started a campaign this fall that’s all about thanking teachers for all they do for us.