The Fenton Feed: Social Media Resources, One-Kindle-Per-Child & A Real-Time Mobile Revolution

Here are a few of this week’s “must reads” from our feeds:

20 Social Media Resources for Nonprofits
Kris Putnam-Walkerly’s excellent list of resources for nonprofits and how to utilize social media.


Nonprofit Tries One-Kindle-Per-Child In Ghana
Worldreader is betting digital books help the developing world leapfrog print on the way to literacy.


Kenyan Elections: A Real-Time Mobile Revolution
The people speak and they say “Now!”


Want A Retweet? Be Insightful, Or At Least Link To Someone Who Is
As orgs shift to the understanding that quality of followers/supporters matters more than quantity, a handy article about this Twitter best practice.


Why Online Education Needs to Get Social
Education is the second largest industry in the U.S. behind health care. As online higher ed continues to gain in popularity, one author makes the case for bringing social media practices into the virtual classroom.


Good News for New Green Biz
Private Investment in Green Business Tops $1.6T.


Tying a Company’s Brand Message Into Its Green Message
The ultimate question is: Can the power of sustainable brands really spawn game-changing attitudes and innovation?


40 Wealthy American Families Vow to Give Chunk of Their Fortunes to Charity
The Giving Pledge, an effort by Bill and Melinda Gates and Warren Buffett, encourages billionaires to provide at least half their money to charity.


Why Private/Public Partnerships Are An Effective Way To Address Global Issues
Making a sustained difference requires strategically selecting partners, leveraging the unique expertise and capabilities of each partner, and measuring and tracking impact.


Nick Denton: On the Web, Female Trumps Male, Youth Trumps Age
“There’s too much news on the web; and way too little explanation.” Intrigued? Read more.