The Fenton Feed: Short Attention Spans, Facebook Influence & Spying

Here are a few of this week’s “must reads” from our feeds:

Drilling Down: Short Attention Spans for Web Videos
After watching an online video for a full minute, 44.1 percent of viewers will have clicked away, according to Visible Measures. But an outsize slice of that loss occurs in the first 10 seconds, during which 19.4 percent of a video’s audience defects.

Klout Now Measures Your Facebook Influence
It’s all about influence. Where do you stack up on Facebook?

Kiva President On The Next 5 Years And Why Zynga Is Their Biggest Rival
A nonprofit’s competition is no longer just other nonprofits. It’s all the goodies, games and gadgets constantly flowing in our social stream. Are you prepared to compete?

Inside the Government’s Facebook Spy Operation
Lesson learned: Do not set relationship status to “sham wedding.”

Content Strategy Expert Interview with Alison Driscoll
Great overview interview about why you need to have a content strategy.