The Fenton Feed: Revolution Via Twitter, “Like” Buttons & Africa’s Slums

Here are a few of this week’s “must reads” from our feeds:

Do Weak Ties Matter for Advocacy?

Malcolm Gladwell says, “not so much,” but Anil Dash and Jonah Lehrer have other ideas:
Small Change – Why the revolution will not be tweeted by Malcom Gladwell
Make The Revolution by Anil Dash
Weak Ties, Twitter and Revolution by Jonah Lehrer

300,000 followers?  So what?  Two Important lessons why influence is more important than popularity:
Influence Versus Popularity on Twitter: Kim Kardashian Case Study
Exploring and Defining Influence: A New Study

Facebook Exec: All Media Will Be Personalized in 3 to 5 Years
The era of all the news the algorithm calculates you’ll like is very fast approaching.

Residents One of Africa’s Largest Slums Put Their Home on the Map
Forcing those who would rather not to recognize you is the ultimate in revolution, a revolution from non-existence to being. And that’s just what the residents of Kibera, the second largest slum in Africa, have done.

What “Like” Buttons Mean for Web Traffic [STATS]
A media analytics lead on Facebook’s Developer Network Insights team crunched some numbers and found that Facebook Likes data speaks volumes about clickthrough rates, time on-site and other engagement metrics.

How to Use Social Media for Better Corporate Social Responsibility
As corporate social responsibility and social media collide, David Connor examines the outcome – and provides tips on getting the most from CSR via social media.