The Fenton Feed: Punk Social Media, Supporter Power & Retweeting

Here are a few of this week’s “must reads” from our feeds:

Punk Social Media
Geoff Livingston provocatively writes “how we are in the midst of a new media revolution where norms and “best practices” have been dictated by an echo chamber, mostly by top tier bloggers, that don’t necessarily understand the medium or deserve the ability to dictate best practices.  It’s a time for punk social media.”

Engagement Ladders: Building Supporter Power
We, as social change organizations, exist to enable the power of our supporters. That is how change happens. Through getting thousands of people to take mass action. Through getting one person to pressure a decision maker. It is the power of our supporters, collective or individual, that we are trying to enable. That’s why social change organizations exist–to leverage supporter power over time.

The Future of Online Fundraising
Are highly personalized fundraising pages the future of online fundraising?

Five Steps to Nonprofit Messaging Success
Blogger Rebecca Leet says that the key to developing effective messaging is to ask your team five simple questions.

Is it better to Retweet old-school style, or use Twitter’s Retweet function?
Whether it is better and more productive to Retweet old-school style or with just one-click using Twitter’s Retweet function is debated with outlines of the pros and cons of each method.