The Fenton Feed: Online Reading Habits, Jumo & Mobile Apps

Here are a few of this week’s “must reads” from our feeds:

How Online Reading Habits Have Changed Over 2010
One of the more subtle trends of 2010 has been the way that our reading habits have changed, due to a convergence of other Web trends.

Jumo: A Social Network #Win or #Fail?
Are niche social networks the best way to mobilize people and channel their energy into supporting nonprofits? Will it turn more people into repeat donors and committed activists?

HOW TO: Add Your Nonprofit to Jumo (and Why You Should)
Jumo is fully integrated into Facebook which makes it much more likely to grow quickly than most other start-ups. Here’s how to add your organization.

Are Nonprofits Wasting Time Developing Mobile Apps?
Have nonprofit campaigners in the U.S. been drinking too much Kool-aid these past couple of years and putting too much faith in mobile apps?

The Online Giving Study: A Summary
Some key findings from The Online Giving Study: A Call to Reinvent Donor Relationships just released by Network for Good and True Sense Marketing. The study summarizes “$381 million in online giving through Network for Good’s platform, including 3.6 million gifts to 66,470 different nonprofits from 2003 – 2009.”