The Fenton Feed: Creativity and Useful Data, the Five C’s of Sustainability & Chipotle

Here are a few of this week’s “must reads” from our feeds:

How Much Do You Spend on Transport? New Web App Aims to Show You
Data + Creativity = Utility. A lesson for all nonprofits. Ask, what data do we have and how can we make it useful?

The Five C’s of Sustainability Branding
Want to make your business into a green innovator? Just follow this playbook

Can Twitter Change Chipotle’s Paper Bag Usage?
It’s direct, in real time and tough to ignore. Social media is changing the face of advocacy.

Microloans Helps Some Small Businesses Survive
Led by organizations like Accion, microcredit has become a mainstream practice in the U.S.

Nonprofits’ Social Media Adoption Outpaces All Other Sectors
Nonprofits should pat themselves on the back for leading, even outpacing the business world and academia, in their use of social media.

Communication is the #1 Skill for Sustainability Professionals
Articulating the value of sustainability is necessary to build the business case for sustainability and establishing buy-in from colleagues.

New Study Examines Communications Strategies at Foundations
How 18 foundations use five communications strategies to expand the reach and impact of their policy work.