The Fenton Feed: A Crypt for Dead Websites, Email Wars & Hype Vs. Reality

Here are a few of this week’s “must reads” from our feeds:

A Cave Becomes a Crypt for Dead Websites
Architects at David Garcia Studio want to build an underground crypt for forgotten websites in a Croatian cave system.

The Email Wars
In the battle to win the war to become a one-stop channel for all your commmunications, Facebook is launching its new Messaging service. Will it impact nonprofits?  Yes.

Big Ideas for Associations Navigating the Social Web
For charitable nonprofits and foundations, connecting and bonding with your Open Community is the difference between running a good one-off  campaign, or creating an ongoing movement where you can tap into your community when you need them most.

How often should you post on your nonprofit’s Facebook Page, and when?
A recent change by Facebook can change how often you should post to your nonprofit’s Facebook Page.

Google’s Instant Preview May Just Shake Up Web Design Forever
Instant Preview could mark the starting point for a design-led SEO stampede. Google’s innovating once again.

Hype vs. Reality: What digital channels are the most effective in 2010?
Should you start with Facebook or email? Should you use Twitter and Mobile? Is email obsolete? Depends on the objectives, the strategy and the audience since starting with the tools is putting the “cart before the horse.”