The Fenton Feed: A Bubble About to Burst, Quora & Crowdrise

Here are a few of this week’s “must reads” from our feeds:

The Big Quora Question: What’s It Good For?
The question-and-answer site is getting a lot of buzz, but is it really useful (from a PR perspective)? Commentators weigh in on what it is, and what it could be.

Will the Dough Rise with Crowdrise?
One of the more exciting developments in the cause space is the rise of middleware platforms to enhance nonprofits fundraising capabilities on mainstream social networks. Middleware solutions leverage people’s inherent networks in Facebook and Twitter and add new functionality to them usually for grassroots organizing.

Looking for Bold Ideas to Fix the City, New York Turns to Crowd Sourcing
A new initiative, Give A Minute, aims at nothing less than reinventing civic engagement for the 21st century.

Online Communications Tools Top the List for Small and Mid-Sized Nonprofits
A new study shows that small and mid-sized nonprofits are clearly moving online when it comes to organizational communication and fundraising.

Social Media: A Bubble About to Burst
One reason some nonprofits gravitate towards social media is they think that it’s a free way to reach millions of people. But, social media is not free.

Groups: A Review of Five Platforms to Build Community
If your organization is focused on building community among your activists and donors you’ve probably had to choose an online group tool. But which platform is best for your group?