Support the Keep Families Together Act with #NoKidsInCages

This morning, New Yorkers woke up to find a multi-borough art installation spread across the city, calling attention to the jailing of kids in cages at the U.S.-Mexico border. The installation is a multi-sensory experience that shows the conditions that children are being subjected to at the border due to the Department of Justice’s Zero-Tolerance Immigration Enforcement Policy, and includes real audio of conversations and sounds that take place in the border detention centers.

The installation is a collaboration with RAICES, the leading organization offering direct legal support at the border

At Fenton, we have been horrified by the last three years of anti-immigrant and inhumane policy, but inspired by the work and leadership of RAICES ever since the media began reporting about the family separations. Many of us have donated to RAICES since the family separations began, and are moved by their heroic work for children and families detained at the border.

The problem we are facing now is momentum. This is not an issue of the past. This is not a problem that went away when the media stopped widespread coverage of it – this is still happening today, and it’s happening here in the United States. It will continue to happen unless we band together to put an end to this inhumane action perpetrated by the current administration. We are standing with RAICES to say we want to see #NoKidsInCages, and to support these children and families however possible.

Support RAICES + be part of #NoKidsInCages:

  1. Share: use your voice online to spread the word about what is happening. Tell your friends and family that this is not “somewhere else.” This is America.
  2. Act: Reach out to your representatives to let them know you support the Keep Families Together Act.
  3. Donate: RAICES provides free and low-cost legal services to underserved immigrant children, families, and refugees. Help them help more people with a donation.