Scott Beaudoin will head ACTIO, a New Fenton Company

Shifting the Paradigm from Corporate Responsibility to Corporate Action

Moving Companies from a Marketing or Corporate-Led Approach to a Values-Driven Approach

Socio-Political Graphing Methodology to Guide Brands through Issue Areas 

As part of our ongoing commitment to societal change, Fenton has appointed Scott Beaudoin as group president of ACTIO, a new corporate and brand offering made possible with Beaudoin’s addition. He most recently held the post of Chief Strategy Officer at RF|Binder, and before that spent eight-years at MSL where he led the agency’s Corporate and Brand Citizenship practice globally.

“It’s no longer enough to just have a purpose and expect people to care.” said Beaudoin. “Businesses must go beyond the good they do and connect so deeply with people that they’re willing to see it and act on it.  ACTIO’s focus will be on the ‘active idea’ where an authentic brand action, that is true, resonant and meaningful leads to human action to accelerate societal change.”

“Today, we see more and more companies seeking to have a real impact on the biggest issues of our time.” said Fenton owner James Marcus.  “Scott’s 20 years of sector expertise and track record of driving effective corporate action, combined with Fenton’s 35 years of experience in the underlying issues allows us to help businesses authentically move from a marketing or corporate-driven approach to the values-driven approach people are demanding today.”

“The role of brands in driving social change has never been greater,” said CEO, Ben Wyskida. “As progressive social change leaders, Fenton’s expertise, combined with Scott’s leadership in the industry will uniquely help companies and brands navigate today’s socio-political landscape. “We are thrilled to have someone as experienced and respected as Scott to lead this new business for the agency.”


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