Research: Digital Organizing

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Digital Organizing

There are six elements that make up a successful organizing program. This is true as much for getting out the
vote as for other engagements.

  • Clear Theory of Change: If we do ____ then ____ happens
  • Impactful Storytelling: Participants are more likely to take action when they are motivated and inspired by relevant stories that they can connect and empathize with.
  • Tempting Incentives: “Incentive” sounds like a dirty word in the context of organizing. It makes people think of bribes and shady deals. But that’s not the kind of incentive we are talking about. For our purposes, the incentive for participants is building a better future not only for themselves, but for their families and communities.
  • Ladder of Engagement: It’s important to meet participants where they are, giving them multiple levels of engagement that suit their interest and commitment to the cause
  • A Nimble Mindset: No matter how much planning we do, there will always be unexpected moments. That is why it is important to adapt quickly in order to leverage changing circumstances to our benefit.
  • Immediate Follow-Up: Immediate follow-up with supporters is essential to not only demonstrate their impact and success, but also enables you to build a network of engaged and committed supporters. Ask your audience to immediately share with their networks when they “make a plan to vote.” Remember, always give hand-raisers something else to do once you’ve gotten their attention.

Relational Organizing

Relational organizing means that your volunteers are reaching out to people they know. Think about it: you are more likely to pick up the phone, reply to a text, answer a social media direct message from a person you know. Relational organizing leans into that and harnesses it to mobilize supporters.

Top Tips/Key Findings

  • Start early
  • Identify the networks and key groups you are tapping into
  • Leverage the technology you have available
  • Lean into your volunteers

Social Media

Your communities see you as a trusted messenger. They rely on you for information, but more importantly, they rely on you to tell them why it matters.

Top Tactics/Message Frameworks

  • Include a clear call to action: Give your supporters a tangible next step to take to support your campaign.
  • Post content that is optimized for each platform.
  • Double down on stuff that works: If you see that your supporters are reacting well to a certain type of
    content or messaging, double down on it! You know what they say, if it ain’t broke…
  • Tie it back to your community: This resonates with your supporters because it matters directly to them.

To visit our Social Press Kit, CLICK HERE >>

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