Progress During a Pandemic

Just like you, Fenton is navigating this strange and trying time. In less than a week, we’ve transitioned all of our offices and staff to a fully virtual operation and are taking all steps to ensure the safety of our staff and their families. In just a few days, we’ve found a new normal. Because we don’t have a choice. 

But this is also a moment where, as activists and communicators, we need to continue advancing solutions and progress. COVID-19 has exposed the myriad ways in which our social safety net favors the few over the many. But it’s also shown that progressive ideas really are possible. We’re hard at work, advancing social change while practicing social distancing. 

For some clients, we’ve been actively working to make their missions a part of the COVID-19 story. Here’s just a sampling of what we’ve been able to accomplish this week – and ways that you can take action and help. 

  • National Nurses United – Already leading the fight for Medicare for All, NNU is now in the spotlight advocating for nurses – true heroes – who are the frontline of the pandemic. You can take action here today to demand proper personal protective equipment for nurses, now. (Sign the petition
  • Citizens’ Committee for Children of NYC released their data report in the context of the risks to low income families during the COVID-19 crisis. (Read more here on helping New York nonprofits) 
  • Census 2020 – Already deeply involved in a statewide coordinated effort in California, we must pivot and use media to drive a get out the count campaign without canvassing and events. (Spread the word to Californians here or fill out your census online here!) 
  • Color Of Change – From expanding voting access to protecting incarcerated men and women, we are driving critical campaigns to mitigate the impacts of COVID-19 on the Black community. (Sign up
  • Johnson & Johnson – We are proud to support Johnson & Johnson in their global efforts to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are inspired by the tireless work of their scientists and their partners who are leveraging the best of health innovation to meet the needs of national response efforts. (Follow here)
  • And finally we jumped in to help the Paid Leave for All campaign, urging Congress to pass emergency legislation that would guarantee paid sick days and 12 weeks paid leave, which would reduce exposure to the virus, keep families and businesses afloat, and ultimately save lives. (Act here

For our other clients, now is the time to address the important work that gets overlooked during the typical crunch of project launches, campaign events and the daily media grind. We are drafting op-eds and thought leadership pieces, creating strategic communications plans, content calendars, and refreshing branding platforms and messaging documents

Fenton is here to help, even if just for a phone call to talk through what the right course of action might be for your advocacy organization, foundation or company. Please reach out to us and we’ll get through this together. Progress is not paused. 

Stay healthy, safe and PLEASE, stay at home.

Ben Wyskida