New Data on Latinos and Technology To Be Presented at SXSW

Next week, I’m heading to the South by Southwest Conference (SXSW) to explore one of my favorite topics: technology and innovation in the Latino community.

Fifty-two million Latinos live in the US today, with a total buying power that exceeds $1.2 trillion. While a digital divide exists, the Latino population is making a huge impact on the ever-evolving communications landscape and the way brands and causes engage audiences online.

On March 8th, I’ll be joined by a team of experts at the SXSW panel “Latinos y Mobile: A Silver Bullet?” to explore the problems, opportunities and data surrounding Latinos and digital engagement. Fellow panelists include Brent Wilkes from the League of United Latin American Citizens, Estuardo Rodriguez of The Raben Group, and Lou Aronson, founder of Discourse Analytics Inc. We’ll also be sharing the results from the second annual Latino Voice survey, which gives Latinos a platform to express how technology has impacted them and their community. The survey is currently open for submission.

I’m thrilled to have played a part in producing the Latino Voice survey, which serves as a vital tool for understanding our community’s relationship to today’s technology. It touches on how Latinos engage with politics online, where we get information, and how we’re using our devices. I look forward to sharing the results at the SXSW panel, and with the readers of the Fenton blog!

Are you going to SXSW next week? Be sure to come by and check out the event! Details here.