Introducing Facebook’s Canvas Ads

Create engaging ads that your audience actually wants to click

Facebook continues to be a tremendous touchpoint for nonprofits and social change organizations, but Facebook for nonprofits isn’t the only Facebook development social change organizations should be paying attention to. Meet Canvas, Facebook’s new mobile ad experience and format. When users click on a Canvas ad, they are brought to a page that functions almost like a microsite. In the simplest of terms, Canvas rewards users for clicking on content with even more immersive content that allows organizations to tell an effective story.

Canvas has made it easier than ever to tell that story. Within its interface, it gives ad-buyers animation and motion options, and the full suite of action buttons. Organizations with little or zero developer resources can now more easily push immersive, rich content and give viewers a complete brand experience.

How does Canvas work? Luckily, Facebook put together this brief video.

A big part of Canvas is the interactivity, Users can swipe and scroll and interact with the ad units in ways that are atypical for Facebook.

If you’re running a Facebook campaign, Canvas is likely right for you. How will you turn clicks into a rich experience and eventually into action?