Honoring RBG Through Action

Fenton’s New York office has three breakout conference rooms named for three heroes: Elena, Sonia and Ruth. Last night was hard for our team, as it was for progressives everywhere and anyone who believes in law and equality. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s passing broke our hearts.

Unfortunately, the political calendar and the deep and ugly cynicism of Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell leaves little time for mourning or reflection. In the Trump era, there is usually only one choice for action: organize, fight and work for justice.

We are fortunate at Fenton to do that for a living already, with multiple clients deeply engaged in movements for justice and equality. As so many people ask what they can do to honor Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s legacy and to protect the rule of law from the Trump administration’s corruption, I want to offer up three suggestions for ways you can get involved, through the lens of Fenton’s exceptional clients:

  1. Organize to stop a nomination, now. The Leadership Conference for Civil and Human Rights and their leader, Vanita Gupta, are one of America’s leading civil rights organizations working to stop Trump’s court takeover. Join them here. The Center for Popular Democracy bravely fought for Christine Blasey Ford and shut down the halls of congress – they will be leading actions throughout October. Join them here.

  2. Get out the vote. This election already meant everything. Somehow, now, it means even more. Support Voting While BlackBlack Voters Matter and the Voting Rights Lab in the critical 6 weeks between now and Election Day.

  3. Be ready to fight for health care. The National Latina Institute for Reproductive Justice is already organized and fighting for reproductive justice, and they need your help. And sadly, Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death could mean a tough decision in court for Obamacare in November — we’ll need to be ready to fight for a whole new system. Join National Nurses United in their push for Medicare for All.

Lastly, you’re going to hear a lot about “structural democracy reform” and things like court packing and the filibuster. Democracy For All 2021 is the organization with a comprehensive platform to change our democracy. You can learn more here: democracyforall2021.org/agenda.

In dark times, it can be hard to believe in change. But, fundamentally, I believe, as do many of you, that the only choice we have is to organize and get back to work. That is how we will mourn Ruth Bader Ginsburg at Fenton in the weeks to come. We hope you’ll join us.