Good News Stories You May Have Missed in 2018 (The Social Good Edition)

As we reflect on 2018 and the big wins that the world has come together to achieve, it fills us with gratitude. While 2018 was far from perfect (…believe us… have you ever tried to pitch a non-political story right in the middle of midterm elections?!), we are so hopeful about what next year will bring us. Why? Because businesses, NGOs, and politicians are coming together to take on climate change; activists and advocates are shouting from the rooftops to ensure justice and equality for all; we’re seeing big wins for early childhood education; and momentum is building all around for a more socially conscious world. We’re grateful because our clients at Fenton truly care about the world and the impact their brands and organizations have on people and the planet, and they come to us to help tell their stories.

All that said, we’re in the mood to spread some joy! Here are some of our favorite good news stories from 2018. Click through them, read them, share them, and let’s welcome 2019 with hope and gratitude.

$500 million campaign reveals new fundraising for National Park Foundation

Did you know there is an entire foundation dedicated to America’s national parks and monuments? Not only that, but that they are a fundraising powerhouse? Read how the National Park Foundation raised half a billion dollars in support of America’s best idea. [Chronicle of Philanthropy]


Canvassers work through rain to engage Detroit voters ahead of midterms

We heard it from all angles this year — the key message was something along the lines of “No excuses, and grab ‘em by the voting booths.” In Detroit, a little rain didn’t stop these Color of Change PAC canvassers from encouraging their community to get to the polls. [Detroit Free Press]


How the mushroom dream of a ‘long-haired hippie’ could help save the world’s bees

Guess what! Mushrooms may save bees! A new study shows that the extracts of certain mushrooms can reduce the virus causing colony collapse disorder which is killing the bees. #SaveTheBees [Seattle Times]


Early childhood education in California could see big changes under Gavin Newsom

Governor-elect Gavin Newsom has made early childhood education a key priority in California – and that’s a win for everyone. [Capital Public Radio]


New Mexico fails to provide at-risk students with proficient education, judge rules

This New Mexico court ruling is a landmark win for the state’s education advocates! Read all about it. [The Wall Street Journal]


This 48-year-old CEO is running 100 marathons in 100 days—here’s why

This epic water advocate is running 100 marathons in 100 days to raise awareness for the global water crisis. Half way (aka 50 consecutive marathons) will be December 23. If that’s not dedication and perseverance, we don’t know what is. We’re rooting for her all the way to 100! [CNBC]


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