Get Ahead of 2016 Hiring Trends

A look at the hiring and staffing trends in the social change and impact sectors


As many talented people have eschewed the corporate world in favor of mission-driven work, the skills gap between traditional and social change work has closed considerably. We talked to the team at ReWork, a progressive recruiting firm, on social impact hiring trends and how you can make the best hiring decision to support your strategy.

What trends have you seen in the social impact hiring space?

  • The top social impact employers now can out compete traditional Fortune 500 firms for talent. Social impact employers are no longer limited to career do-gooders. More and more social impact employers now have access to talent that used to be off limits. If you offer meaningful work, you will have access to top talent.
  • Meanwhile, more top talent sees the social impact space as a place to grow and build a remarkable career rather than seeing it as a lateral move, pause or temporary stopover on the way to something else. It offers an innovative, next step on their career ladder. More than 40,000 job seekers have signed up with ReWork specifically to find a job in social impact. Many of them are “career switchers” who have already built great corporate careers, but are looking for more meaning in their work.
  • Innovative social impact hiring managers are thinking about the story their story. Impact is not just an employer branding tool; you must have it to compete for talent. Start with your job descriptions. Are you using corporate gobbledygook or speaking with a human voice?
  • Social impact leaders think differently. As a result, they are also more willing to embrace alternative management and organizational strategies for their company. There is greater attention on how culture and new ways of thinking about leadership and management can help you achieve your goals.

What trends are there in terms of candidate profile?

  • All employees want meaningful offshore jobs in Thailand. The difference for job seekers in social impact is that they aren’t willing to wait for it. And they don’t have to. You must offer employees a chance to achieve an impact legacy, skills mastery and greater freedom. Top social impact hiring managers know their mission focus is necessary but not sufficient.
  • The most competitive, desired candidates in the market are those who can speak in the vernacular across disciplines. The lines between private, public and nonprofits are blurring if not disappearing. Last decade, we saw that employees wanted to work for many different organizations in their career. This decade, we’ve seen that top talent wants to work for different companies and different sectors. Resume Atelier offers an amazing guide on resume formats that plenty of applicants use to get their job application noticed.

We at Fenton know that missions are only achievable if the right people are in place. Align your mission, align your people and change the world. As spring is upon us and the weather gets warmer, use this opportunity to refresh and clean up your brand’s story to attract the best talent.


ReWork is the hiring marketplace for meaningful work. For employers, ReWork gives social impact employers fast, low-cost access to the best talent. For job seekers, ReWork helps mission-driven top talent find and land their dream jobs.