#CSRChat Recap: The State of CSR at Mid-Sized Companies

Last week, Fenton’s Susan McPherson hosted Business4Better (B4B) on the bi-weekly #CSRchat on Twitter. Recognizing the significant lack of resources for mid-sized companies interested in corporate social responsibility (CSR), B4B is accelerating a global movement of companies that choose to do business for social good.

As part of this work, B4B recently surveyed business professionals from mid-sized organizations (defined as having 100 – 5000 employees) to explore trends in the ways they do CSR. Scott Vaughan, Chief Marketing Officer for UBM Tech and marketing director for the upcoming B4B Conference, discussed the survey findings and their implications on the future of CSR in mid-sized companies. Additionally, Scott provided tools and tips for companies seeking to implement CSR programs.

Specifically, Scott discussed the inaugural B4B conference in Anaheim, California on May 1 – 2. This conference is the only event designed to help mid-sized companies develop the skills needed to capitalize on opportunities and overcome the challenges they face in their CSR efforts.

Interested? Join Business4Better and register for the conference. You can also check out the full the full survey insights here.

If you missed the chat, highlights from the discussion are below.