CSR Update – Sep 7, 2010

The blogosphere continued to react  to the commentary penned by University of Michigan’s Professor Karmani in the August 23rd edition of the Wall Street Journal:

Fabian Pattberg provided an excellent summary of the various rebuttals and reactions.

Elaine Cohen featured a direct post by the Professor himself in “SCOOP! Karmani Responds.”

Natalie Holder-Winfield wrote in the HuffPost “The Case Against Corporate Responsibility Misses the Point” and provides a unique HR perspective.

AMD’s Tim Mohin, took an innovative approach in “The Case Against the Case Against CSR” showcasing what is working and makes mention that Dr. Karnani might have actually helped drive the future success of CSR by shedding light on the practice.

For a flavor of some other very informative CSR postings, a few highlights:
If you are dedicated to CSR – Can you prove it?

How can Cause Marketing play a role in Effective Fundraising

Strategic look at ways you can measure the value of CSR by Perry Goldschein

Fascinating NPR piece on why we are not writing checks to support the Pakistan flood victims