Climate Change Ad Series by Fenton on Wall Street Journal Op-Ed Page and on TV

An unprecedented series of 12 advertisements appeared in The Wall Street Journal, bringing accurate, mainstream climate science to readers of the Journal opinion pages. Fenton wrote and designed the series for The Partnership for Responsible Growth, a D.C. based organization campaigning for a market price on carbon.

The twelve print ads appeared twice a week between June 14th and July 21st, ending just before the Republican Convention. They are available at, a website we built. They cover topics including the basic physics of how CO2 from fossil fuels traps heat on earth, the stubbornly long life of carbon in the atmosphere, military leaders on climate change as a “threat multiplier,” the carbon bubble risk to investors, how carbon pricing can stimulate economic growth, the risk of sea-level rise to the world’s major cities, the threat to human health, the economics of renewable and other clean energy solutions, and other topics.

Visit the climate ad series website to view the supporting evidence behind each ad and to take action in support of a market solution to climate change.

We also made these television ads on Climate Change

The first ad, which parodies Fox News for it’s notorious climate denial, achieved over 400,000 views in it’s first days on YouTube. We made it for Friends of the Earth.

The second features prominent Republicans speaking about the need to address man-made climate change, for the Partnership for Responsible Growth. This will appear on FOX News during the Republican Convention.