Can you make clothes without sweatshop labor?

That’s exactly what Alta Gracia, a long-time Fenton client and the only non-sweatshop apparel-maker in the developing world, is doing.

Alta Gracia was recently featured inĀ The Huffington PostĀ for supplying colleges and universities all over the United States with T-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies. From the article:

Maritza Vargas, a 49-year-old union leader with 25 years of experience working in local factories, works a variety of jobs at the Alta Gracia factory, including sewing seams on sweatshirts and putting on labels. A regular day at the factory is nothing like what she’s experienced before, she told HuffPost. Vargas and her 150 or so colleagues are unionized. They’re not forced to work absurd hours, her overtime paychecks don’t disappear into the ether and she gets frequent breaks.


“It’s as simple as understanding that we’re human beings, not machines,” Vargas said through a translator.

We are proud to support the important work of Alta Gracia, and we encourage you to read the full article here.