20 apps and tools to make life slightly more awesome

Ever since I bought a smartphone I’ve been downloading apps in hopes that they’ll make my life a little easier, and a little more awesome.

But finding good apps can be tricky. There are now over one million apps up for grabs in Apple and Android app stores. Seriously, who has the time to download and test all of these?

I know I sure don’t. That’s why I’ve tapped into the minds of my fellow Fentonistas to find out what apps they’re using to boost productivity, and keep sane during hectic work days.

Check ‘em out!



Awesome Screenshot

Great for taking full and partial screenshots of web pages. (Windows, Mac)



Caffeine keeps your computer from going into sleep mode. Just click on the coffee cup to keep it awake! Particularly handy when you’re doing a presentation and don’t want your screensaver to kick in. (Windows, Mac)



The ultimate note-taking tool. Evernote allows you to write, edit and share notes on various devices by saving everything you do on the cloud. It’s also great for group collaborations.  (Android, iOS)



Jing is an app designed for capturing screenshots and screencasts. Need to record what’s happening on your computer screen for a webinar or tutorial? Get Jing. (Windows, Mac)



A password management tool that stores your private information for easy access later. (Android, iOS)



Have to jot your hours down for work? Use this tool to keep track of your time. (Android, iOS)



The modern day to-do list. (Android, iOS)




Circa News

Circa finds top stories and condenses them into digestible yet comprehensive bites. (Android, iOS)



Disclaimer: I recently converted to Feedly, but Digg will always have a special place in my heart. It’s the closest mirror to the Google Reader experience. (Android, iOS)



Great app that aggregates content from RSS feeds, YouTube channels, blogs and podcasts.

(Android, iOS)



As you’re getting off the subway, a fascinating story pops up in your news feed. If you don’t have time to read it, Pocket will save it and allow you to check it out later. (Android, iOS)



Recently purchased by LinkedIn, Pulse aggregates the news but also allows users to customize and categorize the types of stories they see. (Android, iOS)





From a creator of Twitter comes a new way to search for answers online – with photos! Just point, shoot and ask, and your online community will answer. (Android, iOS)



QuizUp was created for trivia lovers. It allows you to challenge your friends on a variety of topics and issue areas. WARNING: It’s super addictive. (iOS)



Lumosity provides daily brain workouts that are designed to help improve cognitive abilities. (iOS)



Link your bank account to Mint to see where you spend your money and to manage your finances. Super secure, super informative. (Android, iOS)



Free, easy and instant way to make restaurant reservations without annoying phone calls. (Android, iOS)



RideScout shows you all of your options for getting around the city (from walking to biking to Car2Go to the subway and more) and displays travel time, cost, and in some cases calories burned. Whoa. (Android, iOS)



Need to pay your friends back for the brews they bought you the other night? Download Venmo now. It lets you make and share payments with your friends. No cash needed.  (Android, iOS)


And last but not least…


Animal Effects

It morphs your head into a cat head. (iOS)