12 Tumblr Pages You Should Follow Today

I have a big soft spot for Tumblr, the microblogging platform that first introduced me to the internet black hole. You know—that dark place in which you find yourself aimlessly clicking on gifs and links until you realize it’s 2:00 AM and you haven’t showered, stepped outside or eaten dinner.

But hey, Tumblr isn’t just for internet losers like me or teenage girls tweeting lame ‘inspirational’ quotations. The White House recently joined Tumblr, cuz you know, they’re down with the kids. And guess who else is down with the kids? Yahoo! is, that’s who. Well at least that is what they’re trying to convince us by buying out Tumblr for $1.1 billion and promising “not to screw it up.”

To celebrate this momentous acquisition that is set to revolutionize Yahoo!’s standing in the tech space and… ah, who am I kidding? What you really care about is the 12 snazziest Tumblr pages to follow. And I am happy to provide such a list. In no particular order:



Upworthy is awesome at sharing inspirational content from around the web, and its Tumblr page is no different. You’ll find a gallery of cool, thought-provoking images that range from inspiring to hilarious to scary.



The Daily Show  

Although this page isn’t always regularly updated, it shares the best clips from the show and amusing gifs of Neil deGrasse pointing out the scientific inaccuracies in the Daily Show’s opening. It’s also home to the Daily Show and Buzzfeed fighting it out. (Note: The Daily Show will always win that fight; give it up, Buzzfeed.)


Cool Chicks from History

Ladies like me always love learning about cool ladies. That is why this Tumblr page is so great – it is home to a wealth of information about inspirational, intelligent, creative women who changed the world. In 1893, New Zealand became the first modern country to grant women full voting rights. This is Miss Isabel Mellon at the suffrage parade at the time, and she’s pretty much the coolest thing since sliced bread:

cook chicks



A simple but brilliant idea: people anonymously send in their most inner secrets on a postcard. You can spend hours browsing this rich archive of secrets.

Post SecretsPost Secrets 2


All Out 

All Out is a global movement dedicated to spreading equality worldwide. They often share great LGBT rights photos that inspire you to have more faith in humanity. Like this one:

All Out


Doctors Without Borders 

This charity produces some great infographics about global health and  provides in-depth, up-to-date information about its on-the-ground work. It’s a great example of a nonprofit using Tumblr to shed light on its issue area.

Doctors wo Borders


Mother Jones

MoJo’s Tumblr page is awesome. The infographics they create are always fascinating, and they do a superb job finding content that perfectly blends humor and activism.

Mother Jones 2


Think Progress  

Image heavy, political and intelligent—the three key ingredients to a great Tumblr page. Nicely done, Think Progress.

Think Progress 8



This is probably the best tech/digital Tumblr page to follow. Wired describes it as “a collection of links, photos, and memes that we love from around the Internetz.” Any Tumblr that shares old school photos of Bill Gates is a winner in my book.



National Geographic Magazine 

This is the unofficial Tumblr dedicated to beautiful imagery by the National Geographic. It’s pretty much an endless stream of beautiful photos, many of which would make the perfect desktop background.

national geographic


Reuters – Anthony De Rosa 

If you’re a news junkie, you’re probably already following Anthony De Rosa on Twitter. His Tumblr is also a great news source and worth a follow.




Because, obviously.



That’s the end of my cool-Tumblr-pages-to-follow round-up. Tune in soon to read my most-recommended Facebook pages to follow!